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bail bonds in torrance ca

We have been serving the extravagant city of Torrance for many years with an always increasing number of successful bail bonds. Each one of our agents at Sunrise Bail Bonds Torrance have individually helped many people get their loved ones released from the Torrance Jail without any difficulties and in a short amount of time. When someone is arrested in Torrance, California, they are you usually taken to the Torrance Police Department located at 3300 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90503. After the arrestee arrives at the police station, he or she will then be booked, processed, and added to the Los Angeles County Sheriff system. The booking process includes gathering all of the defendant’s information to include in the report of the incident that occurred that got the defendant arrested. The police officer will also take any personal belongings to put in safe keeping throughout the whole process. After the booking and processing is complete, the jailer will then proceed to take the defendant to get fingerprinted through a machine called live scan which is directly connected to the department of justice.


The live scan is used to make sure that the defendant does not have any outstanding warrants or is not wanted by any other police department for another crime. In order for the defendant to be released from the Torrance Jail, the defendant must post bail and we could help you with that. Once you contact us, one of our highly trained agents will be assigned to your case and he or she will be your main contact for the remainder of the case. The first step in the bail bond process is for the agent to gather information about the defendant such as their name and date of birth as well as your relationship to the arrestee. Once our agent has all of that information he or she will proceed to then contact the jailer to gather all of the information about the arrest and the bail such as the bail amount and whether the defendant is cleared to be released from the Torrance Jail or not. Once that is completed the agent will begin the bail bond process for Torrance, CA and will set up a meeting place over the phone so you could fill out and sign some paperwork that will be needed by the jailer before releasing your loved one from the Torrance Jail.

Torrance bail bonds process.

Torrance Bail Bonds

Why Sunrise Bail Bonds Torrance!

Sunrise Bail Bonds Torrance
Experience & Availabilty

Our agents are expertly trained to handle any situation that may occur during the bail bond process. Each agent has many years of experience and understands every aspect of the bail bond process especially the great city of Torrance. We realize that you are going through a tough time right now and the bail bond process can become very overwhelming if you were to try and do it without any expert help or advice.


We are the best in quality and commitment and are here to help you get through this process as fast as possible.


Our professional agents will put your mind at ease by explaining the whole bail bond process as well as the jail release process specific to the Torrance Jail, and he or she will be available to you 24/7.


We assign each client with one of our agents for the whole duration of the case to ensure that the agent will know everything about your specific case from the beginning of it.


Our agent will not rest until they know your loved one makes it back to the comfort and safety of their home to await trial.


All of our past clients have left completely satisfied with our services and were relieved once we explained the whole process and what we needed them to do in order to get their loved one released from the Torrance Jail.


Here we make it our mission to make this process as simple and easy as possible to ensure that you understand every part of the process.

easy payments
Easy Payment Plans

We know that there are many bail bond agencies out there who will promise you all of thesame things; however, none of these agencies are as experienced or as highly trained as our agents here at Sunrise Bail Bonds.


We also understand that the economy is tough these days and you may not be able to come up with the full 10% of the bail amount needed, so we offer different payment methods such as a payment plan or financing.


Our service covers the neighboring cities and extends from Torrance to Lawndale, Gardena, Compton and Hawthorne north, Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach west, Lomita south, Carson and Lakewood east. To speak with a local agent in your area call Bail Bonds Torrance Masters.

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