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bail bonds in torrance ca

Our office is serving the great city of Torrance and its wonderful people many years now. Here in Sunrise Bail Bonds Torrance, our agents have managed to help a huge number of arrestees to get released from jail. They did that in a fast way and without any complications.
Usually, when someone is arrested in Torrance, they bring him to the Torrance Police Department that you can find it at 3300 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90503.

With the defendant’s arrival is when the booking process starts. First a police officer is going to confiscate the personal belongings for safekeeping and then they will gather all the personal information of the inmate. Next, they will take him/her in a room to take his/her photos and they will register all those to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s database. After that, they will take the arrestee’s fingerprints and by using a machine called Live Scan which is directly connected to the Department of Justice, they will search for any pending warrants and make sure that the defendant is not wanted by any other law agency.

The duration until the results are available to the Jailer is around 45 minutes to several hours. When the jailer has the results at his disposal, he/she will clear the inmate for bail. The defendant must pay that bail in order to get released from jail.
If you decide to call our office, an extremely experienced and highly trained agent is going to be assigned to you and your case until your loved one is free under your custody.

During your first call with your personal agent, you must provide every information asked. That way, the agent is going to be able to contact with the jailer and gather any information related to the case of your loved one such as if he/she is cleared for bail and the bail amount.
Then, the agent is going to arrange a personal meeting with you, to help you fill all the needed paperwork to start the bail bonds process. After that, the agent is going to bring that paperwork to the jailer so that your loved one to be released from jail.

Torrance bail bonds process.

Torrance Bail Bonds

Why Sunrise Bail Bonds Torrance!

Sunrise Bail Bonds Torrance
Experience & Availabilty

Our agents are the most experienced and respected in the bail bonds industry. They are able to handle every scenario occurred and every difficulty. Each one of them has finalized hundreds of cases with great success and very fast.

They all sympathize your situation and they understand how hard for you it may be and how confusing the whole process is especially if you have no previous experience. That unfortunate moment when your loved one is getting arrested is for sure a very devastating and overwhelming one for you. Our agency is the best one in the area and our level of services is extremely high. Our commitment and quality level is unapparelled compared to any other bail bonds office.

Our agents will take all the stress from your shoulders by explaining to you all the necessary information about the bail bonds process. Also, they are available to you 24/7 and that way, you may get answers for any question you may need to ask at anytime you feel for it.


All our previous clients left our office extremely satisfied by our services and way of operation due to the fact that we brought their beloved ones back to them very fast and without any complications.

One of the reasons we managed such results is the fact that from the first moment we assign to you a personal agent.


That way communication is easier and the actions taken much faster.


The whole process speeds up by far.
Your agent is not going to rest at all until he released your loved one out of jail and bring him or her to you under your custody.

For us, here in Sunrise Bail Bonds Torrance, to take out of jail the defendant quickly and easy, is not only our job, it’s our mission and duty.

easy payments
Easy Payment Plans

Yes, there are hundreds of other bail bonds offices that they promise the same or even better quality of services. However, they do not have the name we have and the record of success we possess.  One more thing that separates us from the rest agencies, is our payment plans that are unmatchable in the area of bail bonds business.

We all live in the same world and we see how damaged the global economy is, so it is understandable if you may have difficulties to pay the whole 10% of the bail amount needed at once. For that reason, your personal agent is going gladly to help you choose one of the payment options we offer so you can manage to pay the costs needed without any stress and problems. Our agency is the most flexible one in payments.


Our service covers the neighboring cities and extends from Torrance to Lawndale, Gardena, and Hawthorne north, Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach west, Lomita south, Carson and Lakewood east. To speak with a local agent in your area call Bail Bonds Torrance.

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