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How Bail Bonds Work In Torrance.

Whenever you or your loved one is arrested in Torrance, you or your loved will usually be taken to the Torrance Police Department, which is located at 3300 Civic Center Dr. Torrance, CA 90503. When you or your loved one arrives at the police station, an officer on duty will confiscate any personal items for safekeeping for the duration of the case or the remainder of the time spent at the jail.

torrance courthouse

The Torrance  Superior Court or the Courthouse is located at 825 Maple Ave. Torrance, CA 90503 and is located just south of the 405 freeway and just east of Redondo Beach. This courthouse has served the residents of Torrance and its surrounding cities for several years.

Torrance Courthouse.

torrance bail bonds

The Torrance Police Department is located at 3300 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90503. The police department in charge of keeping the city of Torrance safe is known as the Torrance Police Department. This police department employs 223 sworn officers and has about 124 civilian employees working for the city.

Torrance Police Departmet.

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