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torrance, ca

The City of Torrance is located along the shoreline in the southwestern region of Los Angeles County with about one and a half miles of actual shore-front beaches on the Pacific Ocean. The city is known for its beautiful beach where families come to spend the day relaxing along the shore. Torrance has a population of a little more than 145,000 according to the 2010 census and its residence are quiet and respectable with a very low crime rate. The low crime rate in Torrance allows the city to be ranked among the safest cities in the Los Angeles County.


The safety of this city is due to its law enforcement, who ensures that their police force constantly patrol the streets to make their presence known to put the residents’ mind at ease about their safety.  The city has a strict zero tolerance for driving under the influence and set up checkpoints throughout the city on a daily basis to find any offenders. This helps ensure the safety of the residents as well as tourists or people from around California who come to this amazing city for the scenery.  The scenery and vibrant nightlife make this city a popular destination for families as well as the younger generations, which makes Torrance an interesting and fun city to visit or reside in.

City of Torrance, CA

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