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Torrance Police Department.

torrance police department ca

This department is one of the largest law enforcement agencies located in the South Bay Region and is also one of the largest in the greater Los Angeles County. The jurisdiction of the officers of the Torrance Police Department go along with the city limits of Torrance. Some section of Torrance, CA are served by either the Los Angeles Police Department or the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department because of the layout and where some of the addresses in the city lie on geographic map. The Torrance police department’s patch depicts the historic Pacific Electric Railroad Bridge, which is located at Torrance Boulevard. This bridge was first used on January 1, 2000. The patch is one of only three changes that the police department has experienced since they were established. The department encountered some controversy during the Christopher Jordan Dorner manhunt when some of the Torrance police officers initiated the shootings of people unrelated to Dorner. The Torrance police officers first rammed the truck with their car, and then opened fire because they believed that the truck had matched the description of Christopher Dorner’s truck. The person driving ended up being David Perdue who was on his way to the beach for some early morning surfing before work. However, the city has offered Mr. Perdue money to settle the case, but he has decided to decline the money and sue the city for more money. The police department consists of an Administrative Bureau, Support Services Bureau, Patrol Bureau, Special Operations Bureau, and a Special Units Bureau. All of these departments are there to make sure that the residents of Torrance, CA are safe throughout the year and don’t have to worry about anything.

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Torrance PD.

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