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El Camino College Historic Election

Due to an overhaul of the election process at El Camino College, which is located near the city of Torrance, CA, it is now more of an advantage for candidates without that many resources. In the past, voting was open to all of the areas surrounding the college which made it harder for candidates without that many resources to campaign in all of the regions. However, this year voting has been reduced to just the areas of Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hawthorne, and certain areas within Wiseburn, Del Aire, and Lennox. This change in the election process was approved in February and resulted in this year three-way race for a seat on the Board of Trustees. The five official candidates running for the seat are Rick Marshall, Nilo Michelin, Cliff Numark, John Vargas, and Aria Shafiee. El Camino college has not this many possible candidates for the seat on the board of Trustee’s since the beginning of its establishment. Good luck to all of the candidate and this election will prove to be a great one.

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