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Nurses Stabbed At Medical facility in Torrance

Two men have been arrested in connection with two separate stabbing in medical facilities in Sylmar and Torrance. One of the attacks occurred at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in the 1000 block of West Carson Street in Torrance at about 9 in the morning on Sunday, according to Sheriffs. The suspect was later identified at Thomas Robert Fredette, and authorities say that he entered the hospital and cleared a weapons screening. He then came across a group of nurses, grabbed one of them from behind and stabbed her in the ear explained by authorities in charge of the investigation. The man then tried to flee the scene before the police arrived at the hospital, but the police on duty at the hospital captured him. Fredette was booked on the charge of assault with a deadly weapon and is being held on $130,000 bail. Investigators later identified the weapon as a pencil.

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