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A dozen Prison Employees Put On Leave

Following the amazing escape at a prison in New York, many began to wonder how the two inmates were able to escape a maximum security prison. The first place that the investigators looked was to question all of the workers that were around the two. Since the escape over a dozen prison employees have been arrested. The smuggled hacksaw blades and other tools used to escape were placed inside meat and transported through the prison’s main gate through a prison employee known at Gene Palmer and she took it to where the inmates were. This entire ordeal seems to have come straight out of a movie and these two inmates seem to have accomplished what people thought that could not happen anymore. However, we now know that they had a tremendous amount of help from the workers at the prison. It is unknown whether the two inmate’s got their help through payment or threats, but they were indeed helped and the employees involved in this prison break will remain on leave until the investigation has come to an end.

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