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Danger in the Streets of Torrance

On Monday of this week, a group of young men were involved in a shooting on Crenshaw Boulevard and Carson Street. One man, Tyler, suffered an injury to his neck that night and was treated at the hospital. The young men that were shot at did not call the police to report the crime, however, Tyler’s friends rushed him to the hospital and left him in the care of the doctors. The staff at the hospital then reported the gunshot wound to police officials, who then went to the hospital to questi


on the victim. According to authorities, the young man gave little information about the suspect’s car and would not give the names of his friends in the car. However, Tyler released more information to the Daily Breeze, explaining to the reporter that he wants to notify the residents of the danger of that street. Tyler explains that he and his friends were driving down the street when a black SUV came up beside them, trying to run them off the street and they began to fire at Tyler and his friends. Tyler is lucky he survived the gunshot and he hopes that his message reaches the residents of Torrance.

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