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A Special-Educations teacher fired for Controversial Facebook Post

Suzanne Hutton, a special-education teacher at Howard Wood Elementary School in Torrance, was removed from her classroom earlier this week after infuriated parents complained about her facebook

post from the previous day. Suzanne commented on facebook saying she was about to go to a meeting with some “crazy parents” to talk about an autistic student, who the teacher referred to as a “hot mess.” After reading the post, the parents became outraged and immediately contacted the principle of the school to complain about Ms. Hutton’s comments on facebook regarding her students. The district’s investigation is ongoing but the teacher has been removed from the classroom for the time being and they have placed a substitute teacher to take her place for the remainder of the case. This shows how social media has made people’s lives more accessible and has become a source for business etiquette. So be careful about what you post on social media, because you don’t know who is reading it and how some simple comments could cost you your career.

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